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Sponsor my band!

Since launching Band-Brand in 2013, we've successfully sponsored over 10 bands. 

We simplify their merchandise purchasing and sales by allowing them to use our services as a supplier and distributor. The simplicity of the program offers them some of the most competitive rates on their merch purchases, and the ability to track sales/inventory in real time. 

We are always looking for new bands in any genre of music to sponsor. If you're looking to get your band sponsored, a merch sponsorship deal, great pricing on bulk merch purchases, and get fast and friendly service from your supplier, contact us for details at info@band-brand.ca.

For US bands, take advantage of the exchange rate by dealing with us. As a Canadian company, you'll save around 0.25$ for every dollar you spend....and that's on top of our very aggresive prices under the sponsorship program. 

Thank you for reading, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to obtain more details about the program and Band-Brand.

Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering Merch

As Canada's extreme metal pioneers Cryptopsy get set to release their new EP The Book of Suffering Tome 1, we at Band-Brand are very proud to be producing their new merchandise for the album drop. 
We've got 2 brand new tee's in production right now, which will ready in time for the album. 
We're also happy to announce that the funding campaign perks (merchandise) is also ready to go. To those who donated, we hope you enjoy your new swag.

Sudbury Metal Fest 7

We're happy and proud to announce that Band-Brand is the official merch sponsor for the Sudbury Metal Fest this weekend. (October 23rd - 25th). 

We will provide the festival with the official Sudbury Metal t-shirts!

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/858910320859118/

Go check out the incredible line-up for the fest, and get your tickets today!

Custom Belt Buckles

Although most bands tend to mainly focus on t-shirts for their merch table, other products can sell just as well (or even better) than plain old tees. 

Thanks to a request from our friends in Cryptopsy, we just delivered brand new custom belt buckles for their upcoming Canadian Assault 2015 tour. 

When it comes to merch, fans will appreciate having several options to spend their limited money on to support their favorite bands. 

If you have an idea for something out of the box for your band, contact us at info@band-brand.ca and we'll work with you to make it happen. We have a huge library of customizable products that may just suite your needs. 


Banners and Backdrops

Looking to make an impact on stage? We've got a couple options for you...

Choose from our 5' x 5' or 6' x 6' mesh banners. They come with a stand and a very convenient carrying bag for easy transportation to and from shows.


Our other option is a custom size mesh backdrop, complete with fire certificate for large shows/fests. 

Contact us at info@band-brand.ca for details and pricing today!


Get social, with Band-Brand!

We are happy to announce the integration of a new social platform on www.band-brand.ca. 
Here's a summary of all the new features we've added just for you:

Social Media login features

Easy account access for order history, favorites, etc

Add merch to your favorites list

Share items with your social media followers with a single click

Follow your favorite bands, and fellow fans

Post news to the Feed

Post a pic of yourself in your new swag

Plus many more features!

Create your account today to start getting all the latest news and specials from Band-Brand.

Landed Pages

We're happy to show off a new feature we'll be implementing for all bands. 

Band-Brand will be providing bands with their own landing pages. What this means is that when you sign up with us, your band would have their own shop URL (myband.band-brand.ca).

This clean design gives your fans the ability to see your merchandise and have your logo at the top of the page and a background image of the band. You choose what to put up there, and we will set it all up for you. 

Got a question about the layout? Leave a comment and we'll answer right away. 



High Profit Merchandise

Bands know that their bread and butter is made on merchandise sales.

To make your merchandise purchases as cost effective as possible, try keeping your designs to a 1 or 2 color print. Furthermore, try to only design the front of your t-shirts which will avoid set-up fee’s and print fee’s for a print on the back.

Some people aren’t aware that the cost of printing on a colored shirt (anything other than white) can run you up to 1$-2$ more per unit. To keep costs even lower, try to make a design that will look good on a white t-shirt. This will improve your profit margins even more!

Band-Brand gives bands the opportunity to buy a minimum of only 24 units on all apparel. By following these guidelines and only having to purchase 24 shirts, you can save your money and increase your bands ROI (return on investment).

Happy selling!

Artist Spotlight

We're happy to bring you our artist spotlight articles. 
Every so often we will write up a small post about a band that you may or may not have heard, and share their sweet sounds with you. 
To have your band featured simply help us write up a small article about your band here: http://www.band-brand.ca/pages/band-brand-artist-spotlight-form
We will have a whole blog section dedicated to all the great bands we meet over the coming months/years. 
Stay tuned for our first post!

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