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  • Sponsor my band!
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    Jonathan Fortier

Sponsor my band!

Since launching Band-Brand in 2013, we've successfully sponsored over 10 bands. 

We simplify their merchandise purchasing and sales by allowing them to use our services as a supplier and distributor. The simplicity of the program offers them some of the most competitive rates on their merch purchases, and the ability to track sales/inventory in real time. 

We are always looking for new bands in any genre of music to sponsor. If you're looking to get your band sponsored, a merch sponsorship deal, great pricing on bulk merch purchases, and get fast and friendly service from your supplier, contact us for details at info@band-brand.ca.

For US bands, take advantage of the exchange rate by dealing with us. As a Canadian company, you'll save around 0.25$ for every dollar you spend....and that's on top of our very aggresive prices under the sponsorship program. 

Thank you for reading, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to obtain more details about the program and Band-Brand.
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    Jonathan Fortier