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About Us

Band-Brand was an idea that sparked from "what about giving bands the ability to brand themselves from A-Z". Most bands have to handle all of their own merch, designs, artwork, etc. This is where Band-Brand comes in.


The Mission:

The goal of Band-Brand is to provide bands with quality material, and to alleviate the need of having to ask different people for different things. We want to give you options when it comes to branding your band. We want to take you through every step from logo concept/creation, to getting your feedback on your new custom shirts or backdrop from your shows. The whole purpose of this is to help bands market themselves. We will obviously help where we can, but giving your band a strong clear brand across the web, and in live shows is what matters.

The Tools:

Band-Brand is proud to have partnered with RSKNetshirt which gives our customers the ability to have complete control over the design of their merchandise.

The Network:

Band-Brand has evaluated suppliers for their workmanship, response time, and of course pricing, to make sure that we offer high quality products at very competitive prices. The suppliers we have in place are there because the countless others did not satisfy us enough to keep them as a valued partner.


Our goal is to be your most valuable asset. We are always willing to go above and beyond for any request a customer might have.

Thank you for choosing Band-Brand, we truly value your business!