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Band-Brand Sponsorship Program

Band-Brand Sponsorship Program

Band-Brand is a merchandise supplier and distributor for bands. We offer bands the ability to sell their merchandise online, without the hassle of having to pack and ship fan orders or manage their storefront. This is a hands-off approach to merchandise sales which gives bands their time back, and allows them to focus on more important aspects of their business.

Regarding the sponsorship agreement, we would be very happy to welcome you into the program. Below are some of the features and benefits of joining Band-Brand as a sponsored band:

  • 20% off our retail price on bulk merchandise
  • Fan orders are all handled by Band-Brand (we ship internationally)
  • Free online storefront with no monthly costs
  • Band-Brand will manage your storefront (and work directly with you on promotions, bundles, pre-orders, etc)
  • Integrate your storefront directly into Facebook
  • Sell both physical and digital products
  • Real time sales data
  • Tour drop shipping/pickup (certain conditions apply)
  • All merchandise is picked up by our powerful SEO (search engine optimization) tools
  • All merchandise has social media buttons for easy fan sharing
  • Your fans will receive follow up emails asking them to review your merch (enhances SEO)

The initial process for getting the merchandise and putting a portion of it on your storefront is for the band to purchase their desired quantity, then indicating to us how many to keep for online sales. We would then handle the inventory aspects and ship you the rest of the bulk order (or sell all of it online).

Our minimum quantity on apparel is 12 units, and promotional merchandise varies depending on the product.

Our processing fee on fan orders is a small percentage of the sales price (15%), which means bands keep 85% of all of their online sales revenues. We just need enough to cover our shipping supplies and processing.

You’ll be given access to a Vendor Payout app we’re using so you can track sales in real time, and see exactly how much your monthly payout will be. And yes we pay out each and every month whatever your online store has generated in sales.

Here’s a quick example of how the financials work:

  • Sponsored Bands receive 20% off of our regular pricing on their bulk order
  • We pay out 85% of all revenue generated through online sales (A 20$ shirt would give you 17$ back)
  • We keep 15% as a processing fee for each order
  • You will have access to real time sales data through the Vendor Payout page on http://www.band-brand.ca/pages/vendor-payout
  • We payout monthly, either via bank transfer/paypal payments

Please keep in mind that any pricing we provide is in Canadian dollars.

All orders are packed, shipped, and tracked by us. Our automated tools give your fans immediate notification on their order status as well as their shipment tracking info (when applicable). We do our best to get all orders out of our doors within 24-48 which fans are happy to see.

To apply for the Band-Brand Sponsorship Program please send us an email at info@band-brand.ca and be sure to give us details about your band. Include your name, location, social media links, etc. 

Band-Brand will contact you shortly to discuss further.

We will require some additional information from you, and can answer any questions at that time. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact info@band-brand.ca and write BBSP in the subject.

Thank you!