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What kind of artwork can I use?

Given that your artwork will be blown up to fit the garment, we ask for a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch). Obviously the better quality the image, the sharper your merch will be.

You may send us any of the standard image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF.  If you have a logo but it is not a high quality image, one of our graphics artists will gladly assist you in recreating or touching up what you have. This will allow you to use your artwork for any digital purposes you’d require.


Can I sell my merchandise on Band-Brand.ca?

Yes you can! Through the Band-Brand Sponsorship Program (BBSP), bands can sell their merchandise through their collection pages directly on Band-Brand.ca

With your order confirmation, you will receive an invitation to participate in the BBSP. We will work directly with you on setting up your collection page, and assigning pricing for your merchandise. We are proud to offer this to all our members! 

We want to work directly with our members on promoting and selling their merchandise.

Look for the BBSP invitation in your order confirmation!

Drop shipping required?

Not a problem! Band-Brand will gladly ship your orders to your shows if you need us to.

If you want a portion of your order shipped to different venues, please include a note in the comments section of your order, and we will follow up with you to discuss your options.

Drop shipping may incur additional shipping fee's as our transport companies view each shipment as a new invoice. 

Turnaround and shipping times?

Printing and production timelines can vary. To be safe, assume a 30-45 day production time on your items. For any rush orders, we can definitely work to accommodate your needs, but there may be additional charges applied. 

As soon as production is complete, we ship your items immediately. You will always receive a confirmation email regarding fulfillment of your order along with the hyper-linked tracking information so you can track the shipment online.

Why buy from Band-Brand.ca?

We take great care of assuring that every order is of the highest quality you’d expect for your fans. If we don’t like what we see, we will take the hit and re-produce the order until it’s done right.

As a company and as musicians, we know what it’s like to get your first batch of shirts, or the feeling you get to show off your new logo/merch to all your fans and friends.

We truly want you to be proud of what you’re selling, so we will go the extra mile for every customer to ensure you’re happy.