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Band-Brand has partnered with some extremely talented companies and individuals. Please see below for further details. ​

The Grid recording facilities was founded early january 2014 in Montreal by recording and mixing engineers Christian Donaldson, Marc-O Frechette and Kevin Frenette, uniting their older studios together.

Combining the ease and familiar ambiance of a home studio while still having the luxury of an incredible recording and mixing room, The Grid offers the best environment to bring your production to its maximum potential. The extra studio B and studio C can be used as well for recording lines for further reamping, which allows us to record your band in a much faster and efficient way. Also there are all the facilities present for a band to stay over after a long day of recording.

Front to Back Video Production produces everything from music videos, in studio update documentaries, bar & restaurant promotional videos as well as "behind the scenes" services for photographers.